Wednesday, 7 September 2016

I'm Back

heloooo...i'm back to work today..fuhhh..3 months , i'm staying at home..taking care of my new baby..just went out a few times..heeee come back to work is really make me happy..started with morning meeting, then went out for breakfast, after that, went to Ad 's house to look his baby. this is his first baby after married  for about 5/6 years. so, he must be sooo happy and excited to has new member in the family. very fair and cute his baby. his wife nearly finish the confinement..suka kan? confinement? who like? hand up..i guess nobody like confinement. for me, this time confinement was quite interesting because i have to do everything. furthermore,that was fasting month. perghhh challenging..i cannot eat what i always buy every fasting month..popiah, i cannot drink air tebu, soya cincau and many more..
after visited his baby, we come back to the office..discussed with hanis everything she did during i'm not around..luckily, she managed to finish many programs and only 3 programs leave to me..ok..fine..i will settle that. tomorrow, i start meeting with the community..hopefully, they will give good cooperation to us..hopefully

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